Reinvent your Career Abroad BETA by Tracy

Reinvent your Career Abroad BETA

Two sessions are available on December 11th-13th and December 18th-20th 2020

Fast Action BONUS
  • 3 additional group sessions after the bootcamp.
  • 3 months access to on demand content and videos.
*All prices are in US Dollar


  • Your LinkedIn profile shows you as outstanding and your resume supplements that belief?
  • Interviewing helps you connect better with potential employers?
  • Your professional network opens you for career advancement?

What's included?

Video Icon 7 videos File Icon 4 files


RYC Session roadmap kick off review
8 mins
Career Success Abroad- Module 1- Introduction.mp4
6 mins
Career Success Abroad- Module 1 - Myths that make you feel like an Impostor.mp4
3 mins
CSA Crushing Myths that make you feel like an impostor.mp4
4 mins
Career Success Abroad- Module 1 - Building a Success Mindset.mp4
6 mins
Clarity Excercise
Career Success Abroad- Module 2 - Your Skills Test.mp4
7 mins
Interview and Negotiation Script
Cover Letter Types scripts
Outreach- Your Credibility Pipeline
LinkedIn Optimization.mp4
40 mins
Relationship Building Scripts

Got Questions?

How does the bootcamp work?

Between Friday- Sunday, you'll get bite-sized action packed videos with short exercises to do and we have a live workshop in the evening at 4pm PST and 7pm EST time. 

Once you register, you get access to the on demand videos which you can watch one module for each day and prepare ahead of the 45minute live session via Zoom in the evening. 

Can we cover everything?

Absolutely! That's why you get the materials ahead of time to practice and when we meet, we make learn from a vibrant community of others on the same journey as you. 
I know life happens, that's why it is an actionable boot camp. You'll leave with three things done for 2021. 

What if i want a private session?

We are all different learners and that's why it is going to be an intimate session. However, after this boot camp, you have access to alumni bonuses to upgrade to a VIP session for 3 months where we can work privately together.